Dr. Ritchot

Dr. Kathryn Ritchot, Certified Psychologist, takes great interest in working with adults, to help them to focus on their strengths, while they address their personal challenges.Dr. Ritchot zoom angle Sept 20

Kathryn has the intention to support individuals to make choices that are consistent with their longer term goals.

Kathryn believes that the therapeutic relationship can be a tremendous resource to overcome such challenges as depression; anxiety; low self-esteem; interpersonal trauma; and concerns about identity, careers, relationships, and communication.

When symptoms are higher, the focus is generally on helping the individual to gain tools to, first, decrease symptoms and then, to focus on more of a growth orientation.

Kathryn emphasizes gaining greater moment to moment awareness, greater self-knowledge, self-appreciation, and empowerment, within both the therapeutic context of kindness and compassion, as well as to teach individuals to develop their ‘context within’ into one of greater kindness and genuine caring.