About Us

Dr.s Ritchot and Geller are certified clinical psychologists registered with the Psychological Association of Manitoba.  This certification means that we can provide a wide range of psychological services to the general public on a fee-for-service basis.

Our associate, Ms. Andrysiak is a doctoral trainee who, we are pleased to have joining us for the year, beginnning September 2020

Dr. Kathryn Ritchot, C. Psych., works with adult.

Dr. Gavriela Geller, C. Psych., works with older teens and adults.

Courtney Andrysiak, (M.Ed, MA.)  works with adults.

Our waiting room is on the second floor, Suite 218 – 165 Stafford Street in Winnipeg. You are welcome to call us at 204.415.6767 (fax: 204.415.4001).