If  you are experiencing any of the following, you may want to meet with a
  • Anxious    Stressed    Worried   Feeling down
  • Depressed – Sad, don’t care about things like you used to, difficulty sleeping, lacking motivation, difficulty concentrating
  • Angry or  Easily Irritated and or Frustrated
  • Grieving, blaming yourself, or feeling badly about how things went in a relationship
  • Worried about your career
  • Have experienced a traumatic event in your life in the recent or distant past
  • Struggling with chronic pain, work stress, or feeling burned out
  • Having problems with your partner, family, in other relationships
We’re trained, registered psychologists with over 25 years experience between us!  Talking to one of us could help.  We will:
  • Meet you ‘where you’re at’, without any preconceptions of who you are.
  • Listen to any concern, no matter what (seriously!).
  • Help you to learn skills to work on your difficulties.
  • Highlight your known and hidden strengths.
  • Work at your pace.
  • Share our expertise and experience.
We will never:
  • Embarrass or belittle you.
  • Tell you there’s something wrong with you.
  • Tell you what to do with your life.